Internal Focus And External Effects

’ve just come back from an inspiring Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) conference. There were an inspirational array of speakers who, without exception, reaffirmed what an important thing it is to teach mindfulness to young people. One stand-out speech was from Caroline Lucas MP. She was reflecting on how mindfulness has the potential to allow a greater sense of awareness of what is happening around us. By working with our own internal processes we are able to grow in an awareness of those processes going on around us. Taking care of ourselves ultimately leads to taking care of others and the planet.

This is reflected in the idea of our internal and external practice. We react to experiences with a pleasant, unpleasant or neutral tone, and so do others. By being aware of our own internal processes we can have degree of recognition of them in other people. It becomes possible for us to understand the facial expression, body posture and tone of voice and subsequently if a person is experiencing pleasant, unpleasant or neutral feelings. A further expansion of this is being aware of how we impact on those, and the environment, around us (and I mean this in a very general sense of the word – the buildings we find ourselves in, the vehicles we drive, the food we consume). We can become aware of how we are impacting in the planet. Our practice helps us to see how what we do affects us and allowing us to lessen our ‘impact’ on ourselves and those around us.

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Drop-ins: The next ones are 2nd May and 6th June 2019 – 7 to 8.30pm at the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre. As a regular group has become established I am thinking of setting up an informal extending practice course. It would last about 8 months and involve focussing on one aspect of your practice each session with the idea that you would work with this during the coming month. If you would be interested in this please drop me a line here.

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