Latest Research into Mindfulness

Research with mindfulness and its impact on well-being is still in its infancy but there are some promising studies evolving. One by Tang, Holzel and Posner (2015) found evidence that broadly supported that mindfulness meditation has beneficial effects on physical and mental health, and cognitive performance.

Another study by Lyddy and Good et al. (2015), examined over 4,000 scientific papers on mindfulness. They looked at the impact of mindfulness on how people think, feel and perform at work and also how they relate to others. This study of mindfulness in the workplace suggests that it can have a positive impact on brain function, improve the quality of attention and have a positive effect on interpersonal relationships by increasing empathy and compassion.

The excellent Mindfulness in Schools Project has a page that covers much of the research into mindfulness in schools, young people and school staff.

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