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Mind How You Go is collective of fully-trained mindfulness teachers working within the UK Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainer Network Good Practice Guidelines. They have a wide range of skills and as well teaching different courses, can often tailor courses to meet particular needs.

If you have a particular enquiry please contact the teacher directly or via contact@mindhowyougo.info

Jem Shackleford mindfulness teacher
Jem Shackleford

UK Mindfulness Network Listed Teacher

Jem has been practising meditation for many years and teaching mindfulness for over eight. He has personal experience of the effectiveness of mindfulness practice in helping to alleviate stress and improve general wellbeing. Jem delivers a range of mindfulness courses to young people, those that care for them and the general public. A lead trainer for Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) .b programmes, Jem also trains teachers to deliver the .b programme themselves in schools.

He is a consultant for Oxford University’s MYRIAD Project, researching into the impact of mindfulness in adolescence, and liaises with schools, supporting teachers in the programme and helping those schools develop a mindfulness culture. He has an MSc from University of Bangor in Mindfulness-Base Interventions, having researched into the acceptability of using the teaching criteria for mindfulness teachers (MBI:TAC) as a tool to explore the efficacy of different elements of teaching on course participants.

He is also a director of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (UK), an organisation that runs mindfulness retreats for young people. Jem is registered with the UK Mindfulness Teachers’ Network.


Karen Duarte mindfulness teacher
Karen Duarte

Karen trained with Exeter University on their academically acclaimed 2 year Post Graduate diploma in Mindfulness Based Approaches. Karen was recently psychology lecturer at Weymouth College in Dorset and therefore as a teacher of many years understands fully the unique emotional and real psychological cost that stress can take, not only on teaching colleagues, but on all of us – in the struggle to maintain a work – life balance.

Karen and Jem have been invited by Oxford University to take part in the ground breaking new research investigating the effect of mindfulness training on teenagers in schools nationwide. The research, led by Professor Willem Kuyken (who taught Karen at Exeter), and funded by the Wellcome Trust to the tune of many £millions, is a 7 year random controlled trial which starts with invited mindfulness teachers teaching school teachers the 8 week course. This is the same course that Karen teaches in her public courses to the public. Both Karen and Jem are very excited to be involved in this exciting research study, and have already undergone the training with Oxford University in readiness for teaching schools shortly.

Karen started her mindfulness journey as many do, by taking an 8 week MBSR course after stress and anxiety were having a negative effect on her life, and through mindfulness strategies was able to practice responding to life’s challenges rather than reacting habitually, noticing unhelpful life habits or conditionings, and making changes. It is as though mindfulness practice has shone the light of awareness on her life making what was pleasant, joyful, while enabling her to gain a breathing spaces where necessary to gain more of a work life balance, opening up her life in ways never before believed possible, to live well and love life. The journey to teaching mindfulness through Exeter University and the many conferences as well as mindfulness in schools training has been a joyous learning experience.

Karen was very keen that she undertake mindfulness training via a rigorous esteemed training provider in order to lend her own practice and her teaching integrity. Mindfulness should never be undertaken with a teacher of little training, as the learning is subtle and many layered.

However, Karen sees herself not so much as a teacher than as a facilitator of the mindfulness Teacher within you. She regards teaching mindfulness as a great honour.

Beatrice Brooks
Beatrice Brooke

Beatrice trained 20 years ago as a voice and accent coach, and has spent much of her career training drama students and professional actors to use their voices healthily and effectively.

In 2003 she became very ill with severe depression and anxiety.  Having tried many different therapies to regain her health, with varying degrees of success, she attended her first Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course in 2010, and her second in 2014. The work had such a transformative effect on her life, both personal and professional, that she decided to train as a Mindfulness practitioner, and she has now been teaching under supervision for over two years on a Supervised Pathway in Mindfulness Based Interventions at the University of Exeter.  She has meditated intermittently since 2010, and daily since 2014, which has helped her to gain enormously in both confidence and equanimity.  She finds she is better able to work creatively with life’s surprises, changes and difficulties, and to enjoy the good bits more!

Beatrice loves teaching Mindfulness, and she feels it is a privilege to be able to recommend and teach this practice, which is of such enormous benefit to so many.  She has taught MBSR (Poole 2015 and regular courses at Nine Springs Natural Health Centre Yeovil), Mindfulness for Creativity (Arts University Bournemouth, 2016), Mindfulness for Actors (London 2016) and is now also teaching one-to-one on Skype.  In October 2017 she will be starting a pilot study with 3rdyear students on the BA Acting course at the Arts University Bournemouth, teaching a Mindfulness for Performers course developed by Chris Cullen of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Beatrice adheres to the Good Practice Guidelines, regularly attending retreats and training days.  All her teaching is under supervision.

Alison Purnell mindfulness teacher Breathworks
Alison Purnell


Alison Purnellis an Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher and member of the UK network of Mindfulness Teachers. She currently works part time in the NHS,  teaching  the Mindfulness for Health course for people who suffer with chronic pain. As an Occupational Therapist and Counsellor, Alison is interested in helping people to improve their quality of life, and to change their relationship with life’s difficulties; whatever life brings. The Breathworks approach combines mindfulness and compassion together to help people grow in moment to moment awareness, self-acceptance and kindness, which can have a deeply transformative effect.

Alison came to mindfulness through a personal interest in meditation and the study of Psychology and Mental Health, and has found it invaluable in keeping her balance and perspective in her life as an NHS health professional and mother. She believes that we can all weave mindfulness and self/compassion into the busiest of working and family lives.

Since finishing training in 2011 Alison has gone on to work for Breathworks as a Senior Trainer, Supervisor and Mentor, involved in training and supporting mindfulness teachers and facilitating meditation retreats. Alongside this, since 2013 Alison has run a rolling program of Mindfulness for Health courses in the NHS for groups and individuals. She is very glad to have such a broad variety of people to work with in this field.

As well as teaching Mindfulness; Alison has a particular interest in the area of Compassion, and has trained to teach the Mindfulness Based Compassionate Livingcourse, and is now a registered MBCL teacher. Alison is delighted to be able to offer this course, hosted by Mind How you Go, in Dorchester to anyone who’s done a standard Mindfulness course already.

To express your interest and to arrange booking a place, please contact:


Mark Roberts business mindfulness teacher
Mark Roberts

I trained as a Chartered Surveyor and have been a project manager for the last 20 years, delivering construction and fit out projects in the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. My current role involves building and mentoring teams across EMEA to deliver hotel projects. I have had a meditation practice for the last 10 years and recently completed an MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches through the CMRP at Bangor University. My thesis looked at how the current Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers could be adapted for the workplace. I am interested in how meditation training can help leaders to lead with authenticity and compassion, and teams to function more effectively.


  • 2 years Director of Project Delivery (Hotels & Hospitality), Jones Lang LaSalle
  • 20 years project leader and consultant in various multi-disciplinary teams
  • 5 years mindfulness trainer, consultant and coach
  • Coach and mentor to leaders and project teams across EMEA region
  • 3 years co-founder/Managing Director of Youth Mindfulness Education CIC (iBme UK), non-profit organisation

Qualifications & Certificates

  • MSc Mindfulness Based Approaches (Thesis Mindfulness in the Workplace), Bangor University – (2012-2017)
  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Level 2, CMRP (2016)
  • Mindfulness and the Brain CPD module, CMRP (2016)
  • Teaching Mindfulness in Non-Clinical Settings, OMC (2013)
  • Teach .b Mindfulness Curriculum, MiSP (2013)
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace, masterclass OMC (2011)

For further information email us at mindfulness@mindhowyougo.info

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