Breathing into Life

Breathing Into Life

Occasionally something happens that you may be involved with in some way and it brings immense satisfaction. You may remember, last August I told you about the impact iBme UK retreats have on those that took part (and their families and friends). A couple of weeks ago, a video of the retreat was delivered by the wonderful Josh Donaldson of Conscious Films. So rather than reading my words, this month’s newsletter is the words of some of the young people and their mentors on the retreat. Click here to view.

After watching, if you feel you would like to support our work (our fee structure of 1% of household income means that we support anyone who cannot afford to pay) please click on our Just Giving iBme 2020 Fundraiser page.

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Drop-ins: The next ones are 7 Nov & 5 Dec 2019 – 7 to 8.30pm at the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre.

There is a new MBSR 8-week course starting in January. I hope to run it on Thursdays moving the drop-in to Tuesdays for while to give people who cannot the Thursday a chance to attend. If you are interested please email me. There is an All-Day Retreat on the 10 November. Please email me for more information. Thank you.

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PS The new look website is very nearly ready and should be live next week!
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New Course May 2021 We hope to run an 8-week in-person course, Beyond Recuperation – Mindfully Creating a New Future, at the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre. Thursday evenings. Please click on the button below for more information.

New Mindfulness Course