Some Thoughts About Crows Again….


Some Thoughts About Crows Again…

I have been watching the crows in the trees during recent storms again. When a strong gust of wind blows hard, leaves and the birds are blown off the tree, scattering them. The birds go with the wind, not fighting it, allowing themselves to be like the leaves. They seem to have given up, letting themselves be tumbled by the wind. When the gust has died down, however, they flap their wings and return to the tree. Safely back on the tree

Perhaps they can teach how we can be with our experience? When we are being buffeted by difficult situations, rather than fighting them head on, we can accept and let them ‘blow us’ around. By feeling the experience, allowing us to be ‘in’ it, we can learn when we can come back and find our equilibrium. This allows us to manage difficult situations, conserving our strength for when it is most appropriate. Going with the ‘flow’ of a difficult situation is not giving in to it, but more giving yourself time to know the best time to act.

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