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Building Resilience


Working in education can be very stressful, mindfulness can help to build resilience to that stress, improve professional relationships and generally help make the work-life balance better.

As a teacher or teaching assistant you will be aware of increased levels of stress within the profession which can have an adverse on your health and performance. Even if you are someone who copes well with what is a usual amount of stress in what can be a joyous vocation, there will be times when the workload feels overwhelming. Whether you are someone who copes well with stress or someone who is approaching near burn out from overload, the mindfulness .b foundations curriculum written expressly for teachers and school staff, could help you to ride the waves of your school year.

.b foundations is an 8 week training designed specifically for teachers and adults in the school community who wish to learn the foundations of mindfulness. The training has been tried and proven effective in over thirty schools across the UK.

The reason the .b foundations course is particularly of interest to school communities is because it was designed specifically for school staff in that particular workplace setting. The objectives for .b foundations include using mindfulness skills to feel calmer and hence happier, impacting positively on relationships with colleagues and pupils. This training has also been found to help increase resilience in the face of stress and difficulties in your day to day school environment.

Both Jem and Karen have fulfilled the teacher training requirements to teach the .b foundations curriculum, since they both conform to mindfulness network teacher guidelines for teaching mindfulness to professional and public groups and have trained extensively with the (MiSP) Mindfulness in Schools Project to teach foundations as well as the teenage curriculum .b and the primary curriculum PAWS b.

Once you have completed the 8 week course with Jem or Karen, you would be eligible to train with MiSP to teach the .b or PAWS b curriculum directly to your students in your school should you so wish. Many teachers, having competed the foundations .b course and developing their own practice have found themselves to be sufficiently inspired to train on either of the children’s’ mindfulness courses.


Much time at school is spent developing physical health but not much on mental health. Learn how to improve your approach to problems and life in general.

Growing up can be a bewildering and confusing adventure. At times wonderful but also sometimes scary, worrying and very stressful. Relationships with parents, siblings, teachers and friends can make for a roller coaster of a ride, causing upset, anger and frustration as well as joy.

Mindfulness practice as we teach it can help you negotiate the stormy waters of relationships, school and family. Training your mind is as important as training your body. We all have to do PE or some kind of physical sport and of course this is very important. However, the focus of your school life is on academic work and as such you are tested and tested and tested. This can be stressful, worrying and make you anxious. All of which is normal.

So why don’t schools teach you how to train your mind so that you can concentrate better? You know as well as anyone that when your mind is preoccupied with worries about your family, or if you have been bullied or even if you just have worries about how well you are doing in school, then training your mind will help you do better in sport, music, with your friends and in school. In fact mindfulness training can help you in every aspect of your life. This is because your mental and emotional health is key to being happy and successful in life!

Contact us to find out more – how a 10 week course can help you ‘Mind How You Go’ – whether it be in school with your peers, or with your family.

Wider Community

Mindfulness can have profound effects on the quality of parent-child relationships. By developing awareness and acceptance, it can help you enrich your life as a parent and nourish your children.

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