Taking Care in the Midst of Turmoil

In the midst of the all the turmoil we face at the moment, taking good care of yourself is central. Life, and all that it brings, can be an intense place to be, yet being compassionate and caring with ourselves allows us to open to what is really going on. It would be too easy to hide away, or close down, in the midst of all the confusion that seems to be enveloping the world: to stride off in outrageous indignation or anger against what we see as being outrageous and wrong. Yet by taking care of our own heart we are able to express that care in the way in which we respond to tragic events, wrongs and often, to be honest, just plain old hate. Compassion for ourselves allows us to see through the intensity of what is happening and have a real, meaningful impact. The response of the New Zealand Prime Minster, Jacinda Arden, to the tragic events in Christchuch, is a wonderful example of how thoughtful, compassionate actions lead others to do the same, bringing hope and love as a rejection of the hate that manifest itself so tragically. While we are not all Prime Ministers, or have the same degree of influence, we can all contribute to an expression of hope and have an impact on our part of the world.

Thank you.

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